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Core EXP 3.0 (HD) - Sportster XL 1200 50th Anniversary (07), Sportster XL 1200C Custom (03-19)

Core EXP 3.0 (HD) - Sportster XL 1200 50th Anniversary (07), Sportster XL 1200C Custom (03-19)

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Sportster XL 1200C Custom Anniversary (13), Sportster XL 1200CA Custom Limited A (13-17), Sportster XL 1200CB Custom Limited B (1...


Parts Fiche:


Ever wish you could just let go of the clutch lever when stopped and not worry about a stall? Now you can with the Rekluse Core EXP centrifugal clutch. With this clutch pack replacement, you can now come to a complete stop in gear and accelerate using only throttle.

Featured Technology:

  • EXP (auto clutch)
  • Core (billet aluminum, hard anodized components)
  • Converts stock diaphragm spring to six coil springs. Billet pressure plate and center clutch included


  • Take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever
  • Centrifugally activated technology automatically prevents engine stalls
  • Cruise through traffic like you're on the open road – You don't have to hold the clutch in at a red lights or in heavy traffic anymore
  • Effortless low speed maneuverability
  • Cooler operating temperatures extend clutch pack life
  • Standard clutch lever function with full override
  • Shifting transmission remains unchanged (clutch lever use is recommended for shifting)
  • No modification to stock components