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Mousse Balls - Front 70/100-19"
Mousse Balls - Front 70/100-19"

Mousse Balls - Front 70/100-19"

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Mr. Wolf’s Mousse Balls are the link between versatility of an inner tube and the anti-puncture and performance features of a traditional mousse. Thanks to the innovative and patented segmented structure it is possible to completely customize the firmness according to terrain conditions and rider preference.

Mousse Balls are suitable for any brand or size of tire and offer easy mounting compared to a traditional mousse. They are ready-to-ride from the very first minute with optimal performance in any type of terrain. Another benefit of the patented segmented structure and the higher surface/volume ratio is the operating temperatures drop up to 33% which greatly improves durability. How much life you can get out of a set is greatly increased with the ability to be regenerated using the two extra “balls” contained in each package.